March 16, 2010

Robotz Invasion!

WOW!  I am so excited!  My Robotz cartridge came yesterday and is filled with all kinds of Robots!  You are going to love it! There are also windows that you can cut and hide pictures or all types of surprises behind them! Although the biggest surprise is the release of this cartridge.  Provocraft has not even announced the release of this cartridge unless you count the images that were shown at CHA!  All of a sudden it just showed up in Meijer stores and it created a wave of interest to obtain a copy. 

Back to the cartridge... It has many layers, shadows and a font and font shadow.  The five 3D cuts are sure to be a hit to any party!  Also, included in the handbook you will find instructions on making your own party invitation.

You can see more that Dawn made here

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wendyp said...

and yet another reason I'm wishing we had Meijer's out this way!!! Can't wait to get this cartridge!

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