March 8, 2010

Straight from the Nest exclusive from HSN!

I'm not sure how long the discount code will be good for but, C73967 is good for 15% off! yea!!!! Thanks GreenBean for sharing! 

That brought it down to $46.71 for the cart plus whatever shipping method you choose.  This is a lot cheaper than the prices on Ebay!

If you click on the link, you can see the book that comes with the cartridge to make your decision.

I am so looking forward to the designs that all the creative people come up with for this cartridge! 

I will have this in time for my birthday this weekend! yippie!

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Cher~ said...

I just ordered this one too and am really hoping it will be here this weekend! However, I ordered it before seeing this code. Thanks for sharing though. I'll also be celebrating my birthday. Mine is on Saturday. :-) Happy early Birthday to you!

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