March 30, 2010

New tools?

I was looking at this punch that will cut little holes in your paper to minic the sheets in the spiral notebooks that the kids have in school.  I'm not sure if it will put the little cut tears in it or just the holes but, i thought that would be cute in the layouts.  In addition, I could still use acid free paper. 

Then, it hit silly!  If I truly want to do that, I could use a bind it all!

Or a small square punch or the punch for threading ribbons.  Of course, it depends on how often you will be making and using the torn notebook paper look in your projects. 

I can also bind up the papers and tags that I want to use in the future.

Tip:  You can use your BIA to make your own little journaling notebook.  Just journal, date and when you are ready to complete your project, just tear it out. 

The only thing is I just had to pick up the Martha Stewart Embossed Button Punch.  My I-top will make little brads but, this punch is a different type.  I just wish it was available in a smaller size. 

Oh why do they make such cute tools that we just have to have them?  What cross uses have you found for your tools?


Babykitty said...

Stamping up also makes the notebook border punch. that is where i got mine from. i don't own a bind it all but i do love my notebook punch

SweetSassyDiva said...

If anyone needs one, they can let me know and I can order one for them. :)

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