March 15, 2010

Xyron Spotting during Whale Watching

Last week, we had homework to make a Whale Habitat.  I say we because as Mother's know some how it gets thrust upon our shoulders to do it with our kids.  Besides, how much can a 5 year old really do especially with specific instuctions to even cover the outside of the box.  So, we cracked out the stash!  We used some colored cardstock, Xyron (permanent so it stuck to that stubborn box and made it to school in one piece) and all the other tools!  We then took it over the edge and grabbed the stash of stickles and added tons of sparkle!  I am sure the Whale will LOVE LOVE LOVE the extra care that was taken to make it POP!  I hope Mr. Whale loves his new spot in my son's kindergarten class!  We also had to add a fact about Whales that we learned.  Well.....I sure could not add about the tragic loss in San Diego.  My son added that Whales live in the ocean.  It is great to learn about Whales but, not at the cost of life to the animals nor trainers.  Our prayers and postive thoughts to the family on the tragic loss.  I truly hope that no further losses occur and we can learn without putting more lives in danger. 

I hope you enjoy his Whale Habitat that we made together. 

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