July 31, 2010

CHA Craft & Hobby Association Weekend in Chicago!

If you are a follower and/or frequent visitor of my blog, you might have caught some Future Cricut Cartridge Sneak Peeks from July 29. If you notice the video sneak peeks are no longer posted as Provocraft asked that they be removed due to the high quality images. There is concern that perhaps someone might use them to compete in the market place or gain a business advantage.

The video and images that were posted on my blog were not taken in the private circle room where they had them protected. The video that I recorded was a small glimpse of just a couple of the pages in the binders that were in the circle room to preview. They shared a brief sneak peak presentation with those attending CHA earlier that day in the Provocraft booth showing just a few pages from their future releases. They had not mentioned that no video or pictures were to be taken during the presentation and as they were in the front of the entry. I am sure that the general public could have seen from the door as well. I guess Provocraft under estimated the quality that is freely available in video and camera equipment today.

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I have more pictures and videos to post from CHA. It has been a very busy time and I hope you are enjoying all the information that I have gathered. I also have tried to answer a lot of the questions that you have asked me. I will be posting more answers as well. Stay tuned and I hope you are enjoying your weekend if not at the Supershow with whatever you chose to do this weekend. It truly was a blessing to meet so many people at CHA, Supershow and events in Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! We understand as PC has to do what it takes to protect their investment and you did not know! You were seen with a camera and no one asked you to put it away so like you said, your camera work had to have been AWESOME for them to ask you remove it! No big deal because girl, you are AWESOME! lol

I have another question! lol I know we are running out of time but this is a BIGGIE!!! lol

Currently, since there are no plans to release a computer driver for the Imagine, how will the Imagine receive updates, bug fixes etc? What type of troubleshooting does pc have planned for the Imagine other than returning it to pc because right now, we have the sync troubleshooter for the Gypsy in which the Gypsy can be connected to the computer?

P.S. YOU are my hero!


SweetSassyDiva said...

it comes with a cable to connect it to the computer w/o a gypsy for updates.

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