July 17, 2010

Who Do? YUDU!

Here is a really great video that I wanted to share!

It is surprising that it is in one video.  I am excited to try it out but, I keep telling myself that I SOOOOO do not need it! ok.....what do we really NEED!  I just don't know that I would use it enough.  You can view it here.  If you have technical difficulties, double click it to view in youtube. 

I hope you are having a great weekend and I hope you enjoyed Christian Tamez's video!  I would love to see what you have made with the YUDU.  In fact, some even use vinyl, freezer paper and contact paper.

I am wondering if anyone wants to enable me? I know there are a lot of people using this or have even used other materials.

Hubby is at work and I am trying to design between the kids demands so......what better time to see what cool things you came up with! Who knows I MIGHT EVEN fall off the fence! LOL

Click on the button below where it says you are next "click here to enter" to upload or link your favorite yudu, vinyl, freezer paper or contact paper textile item.


Tam said...

I did the freezer tee method. Unless you're making shirts for teams, it's not worth the money you'd be shelling out. I've only got one pic up so far as I'm still working on another shirt.

Chris Wooten said...

I just do not need another craft toy to have to buy paints, etc...for myself. But people who have it love it. I guess it is how much will you use it.


Christian Tamez said...

I'm flattered that you would put my video on your blog! Thank you!!

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