July 13, 2010

Funny Story!

I was speaking with someone about the cricut. I asked them if they had a cricut and they said "oh yes! she continues to say but, I could use more 'dies'."

um.....I am thinking she does not have a cricut. I said oh? the cricut uses cartridges not individual dies. I threw her for a loop. I don't know what she has afterall. Without going to her home or having her check mine out I am guessing maybe it's......a die cut machine?  When I asked if it was a Sizzix, she didn't think it was that either. 

i guess that i will need to show her a picture next time I see her of a Sizzix and a Cricut.

Has anyone else had any interesting crafting stories?


Jodie R said...

How cute! I'll bet she went home and looked it up!

Debby said...

I went to a LSS for a class on using the Mickey Mouse cartridge and there was a woman that said she had too many cartridges and could not possibly justify buying another one. I, of course inquired as to how many she had. She said she had 10. She then went around asking the rest of us how many we had. She was happy when no one said they had more than her until she got to me. When I said "70" everyone stopped listening to the instructor and proceeded to question me about my collection. I told them when class was over I would show them my log book of the carts I own. Which I did after class was over. They all then wanted to know where I go to crop.;-)

SweetSassyDiva said...

That's amazing Debby! TFS! They probably wanted to borrow some of your carts too! I bet you make amazing crafts! What is the next cartridge on your list? Or the cartridge you would love but, can't seem to get?

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