July 31, 2010

More Exclusives!

It seems that "provocraft announced a partnership on 2 exclusive cartridges More info Aug 1."

I wonder if they are for the new Imagine machine cartridges or the regular cricut cartridges.  What are your thoughts?

*update:They are regular cricut cartridges - there are two.

Cheerful Seasons
Reminisce Accents

Let me know if you want to pre-order them! I will be having them available!


scrapguy said...

my thought is I am broke and will have to wait till thanksgiving to get caught up on carts--the new machine is great but I have a love affair with pattern paper so I am going to have to think about this one for awhile--it took me three years to graduate to an expression! Thanks for sharing the updates from CHA--wish I could have gone!

Anonymous said...

if you go to the product page of cricut.com it is in the cartridge section and I think they are regular cricut cartridges - there are 2. Cheerful Seasons and Reminisce Accents.

Babykitty said...

thanks Cousin. going to have to wait till they arrive at Joann's and go on sale. there are so many i still want.

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