December 2, 2010

Saturday Blog Hop!

I hope everyone is enjoying all of the wonderful projects that the SweetSassyDiva Design Team is sharing.  We are planning a blog hop on Saturday and hope that you will join us.  There will be some wonderful blog candy from the sponsor of the blog hop prize package is Post-it® Craft Paper.  You can see some wonderful ways that we have been enjoying this paper in the blog archives over the past weeks.  It does not stop there either because there are some more surprises coming even in the blog hop.  Please share with your friends and be sure to bring them back here Saturday for a chance at some great prizes! 

I thought I would also share for everyone a secret.  Did you know that when the blog hops happen that there is a lot of planning and such?  One of the great things as well is that in the various blogging programs that you can future date a project and schedule it to post at a specified time. 

For blogspot, you would create your post like you do any other time.  Below is the screen you would see when you are writing a new post.  On the lower left hand side where you see my curser arrow, it says "Post options".  You would click on "post options" to continue to the next step.  [note:  If you cannot see the picture below, if you click on it, it will open in a larger window.]

This drops down some of the options available to you as you can see in the picture below.  If you see my cursor error is on the right and is under the heading "Post date and time".  Notice that your options are 'Automatic' and 'Scheduled at'.  The default is 'automatic'.  If you click on the button (circle) in front of 'Scheduled at', it will drop down another menu. 

Below is a picutre of the menu that gives you the option of delaying the post for a specified time.  In the picture below, the date would be 12/2/10.  The format is Month/Day/Year.  and the time is 12:01 AM.  This would be when the post would be shown.  You want to make sure you future date it.  So, for the blog hop this Saturday, December 4th, 2010 the date should be scheduled for "12/4/10" at "12:01 AM"  central standard time. 

After you have scheduled the time and your post is completed, you will then click on the lower left hand side where it states "Publish Post".  The post will publish at the scheduled time. 

If you are participating in a blog hop, be sure to test other posts for a scheduled time a few days ahead.  It is best to test this on other posts before you have others relying on your post to be there for a hop.  We do not want to lose someone along the way and they will want a chance to see your beautiful creations as well as the blog candy that is sprinkled along the way.

There will be a map on each blog but, in case you ever get lost, you can check with my blog post for the map. 

Happy Holidays to everyone!

- SweetSassyDiva

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Cindylu2u said...

Thank you for this, I have a blog but really have nothing on it, need a blog for dummies book!! Will keep learning and maybe venture into blogging a little more!!

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