December 13, 2010

Shabby Chic Mini Album!


This little half egg shaped mini album was done from Shabby Chic papers and embellished with little love letters, mail, postcards, a calendar and items like someone is corresponding with a loved one long ago with hopes and dreams and counting down the days until their love one comes back home.

Vintage Mini Album


Cardboard Mini Album

Various Shabby Chic Pattered Papers with roses/flowers

Various Ribbons/Flowers/Buttons to match your papers

Love letters, calendar, envelops, etc to embellish.

White Pen



Go around all edges with a white craft pen where ever the paper won't cover.

Cut (24), 5 inch square papers. I used 9 different papers, but you could use less. My album had 11 two sided pages and the front and back cover, which you cover both sides.

Run all the squares through your adhesive machine if you have one.

Decide which papers you want on each page before the next step. Just be sure you don't have the same one on the page before or after the one your working on.

Adhere all the papers to the pages.

Then just tell the story you want by adhering your embellishments on each page.

Of course you can put anything on the pages vs love letters.

I have been in the mode of clearing out my craft room drawers and using whatever I find that goes together.

You could use your French Manor and Heritage carts and make it really nice.

I'm heading out to Florida the 9th and just didn't take the time to do it with my carts. Maybe the next one.

Tie ribbons on the binding. I used 5 different coordinating ribbons.

Put some flowers and a button on the front cover and your done.



Jessica said...

This is an adorable album! I so what a bind it all! Thanks for sharing

scrapperbecka said...

Very nice mini album

Kristen said...

I absolutely love this. Something like this would suit me and my fiance, he is in the Navy and I am quite often counting the days till he comes home.

Chris Wooten said...

very pretty album.


Alex said...

Wow! That is really pretty ! I love shabby chic :) You asked what size I cut the "Cars"...5in, which made it like 8in long and it was still a pain to layer ! Oh well, my grandson loved it :) BTW the name of your blog, hehehe:)

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