December 13, 2010

Paper Bag Album!


Hello all! Jen here.  I am fresh back from Seattle after our unplanned trip. We had a family emergency and had to fly down for 11 days. So sorry about the Blog Hop that I missed out on! I was bummed!! We are also dealing with the news we got on Friday that one of our beloved Corgis injured his spine in the care of our Friends and we came home to a dog that cant use his rear legs. Its been rough but I live by the motto of 'God only gives me what he knows I can handle' :) So onto my project for the week!! Back a few months ago I made 12 paper bag albums for a friend of my daughters b-day party. I loved making them so much I decided I would do them as gifts for grandparents this year. So I went through my pictures of my kids and pulled out 10 that I thought were a good representation of their year thus far. I hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!! 'How did you do it?!' you ask. Well i am glad you asked because it was super simple and I think you can do it too!! All you need is some lunch back sized paper bags. You can find those at any grocery store. Walmart has some colored bags in their party supplies section but for this project I just stuck to the simple brown. You pull out as many as you think you will need in pages/pictures. Line them all up with open sides all at the same end then cut off about 1 inch of the jagged end on the open side. After you trim the ends stack them alternating with flap side then open side, flap side then open side. Measure into the middle and draw a line to represent the spine. I got out my sewing machine and stitched a line down the center to have a binded spine but other people just fold in half and use ribbon as their binder. Once stitched and folded you can begin assembling your cover and pages. The open ends of the bags can hold a slide out page or picture or whatever. I was crunched on time and was not able to include slide outs for this project. After your pages are done you then hole punch or somehow pierce near the spine and thread ribbon through. Feel free to add little embellishments or do-dads wherever you want. So here is my ending result!


~*Lunch sized paper bags

~*Assorted ribbon

~*Assorted cardstock

~*Assorted embellishments


scrapperbecka said...

Darling album, I love it

Jessica said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your pup's injury, if they can't fix it, maybe you can build him a wheel chair sort of thing? I've seen them often. They have a little seat for his bottom that helps keep his hind legs up. Then the wheels are at the right height and the whole thing straps to his body! Amazing things. I'll bet your vet can help you find them. I'll keep him in my prayers!

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