May 9, 2011

SweetSassyDiva Design Team Call!

Want to join the SweetSassyDiva Design team? Now through May 9th, submit your entry to join!

Please include 3 layouts, cards or projects that best reflect your design style. (Your favorites...these do not need to be new.) 

Also, submit one layout, card or project using the theme "beach" that has not been posted anywhere before.  Do not post it anywhere until after the design team call has been completed and announced. 

Please email including the recipe, directions and any other project details such as a cut file, tutorial and/or video. Email your entry to:  Click here!   In the subject heading, please label as "sweetsassydiva design team entry". 

• Include your name, email address, the link to your blog, links to any photo galleries, and links to any other Design Teams you are currently on. (You do not need to have a photo gallery or be on another design team to be considered.) Also, if you are from a messageboard, which one and your screen name there. Are you a member of the cricut mb or cricut circle?  (This is not a requirement.)  Please include a brief bio/introduction of yourself.

Please indicate what die cutting machines [cricut, imagine, e2 expression 2 anniversary edition, expression, etc.] that you own as well as if you own the gypsy and what cricut cartridges.  Or any other items of note or interest.

The term will be for 6 months and the frequency of posting will be every other week with projects due on the Sunday before. 

• Also, put in three sentences why you think you will be an asset to the SweetSassyDiva Design Team.
Please submit your application by 11:59pm EST Monday, May 9th.

Actually, you can submit older projects and only 1 is theme based and new. Do-able to whip up today.

SweetSassyDiva Designers will be contacted by May 15th by email. The Design Team will be announced on the blog shortly thereafter.

Note: this is not a paid position nor do you receive any free product.  Although you never know as I did send some crafty goodness to the current design team but, I do not guarantee anything other than friendship and camaraderie among the design team and myself. 

Good luck!!

On a separate note, I am also looking for sponsors and affiliation submissions as well.


Suzanne said...

Quick question- Am I reading this right? The post came out today and it is due by tonight? Just wanted to double check as I would like to apply. Thanks.

SweetSassyDiva said...

It has acutally been out for about a week. Here is the original post:

I also tried to add a blurb though the week periodically with a link.

I will announce the dt on the 15th.

Missie said...

I would love to be considered, but I don't know that I can get you this information by tonight. Good luck selecting your new design team.

Chris Wooten said...

I posted this on facebook Bobbi

Tammy (P.M.S) said...

Sounds great! However, first I am hearing of this so I don't think I can make the deadline. :( Best of luck to those who enter and to you Bobbi; must not be easy having to go through all those submissions. :)

creative patti said...

Just sent in my entry. I hope to hear from you, if not Good luck and congrats to all that make it!! Sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Jeanne said...

Aww...wish I would have seen this sooner!!

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