May 19, 2011

Dcwv stacks!

I stopped by tjmaxx and picked up a few paper stacks!

These are the 8x8" packs. They did have some 12x12" and other kits too. I didn't really like those though.

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marcia said...

nice! how much were they? I saw Joanns had the 12x12 stacks at $10 (as they often do). :)

thekolbes said...

Ohh wow I didn't even know TJ Maxx had scrapbooking stuff. How much are they there?

Amanda said...

A TJMaxx is opening in my town this weekend...wonder if the paper stacks are something that most of them carry??? You know I will be in there looking!!!

SweetSassyDiva said...

They were $3.99 each for the 8x8. I can't remember how much the 12x12 stacks were but, there was not a lot in my store. It's not a very large store though.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for info. I will try to check out one near me. I could use more paper. Not! LOL

thekolbes said...

Amanda where are you? They are opening one in Iowa City this weekend too.
$3.99??? Oh Gosh I have to go find a TJ's NOW...later........L

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