May 12, 2011

Stepping Stones!

Well we had some cement work so, I thought it would be fun to make some stepping stones with the kids.

First, the work...

Now on to the play!

I took two disposable shaped cake pans. I sprayed them with cooking spray to make removal easier.

Next, put some cement in the container and spread it smooth.

We decided that keeping it outside would be the best. It can get a bit messy. I sprayed the kids hands with cooking spray.

Then, each child puts their hand(s) on the cement with their fingers spread apart. I then gently pushed their hands into the surface.

I added their name with a knife and you can add the date or age.

Then, quickly go to the garden hose and rinse their hands. Cement is caustic and can be sensitive to skin.

You can also add colored glass or stones. Or many other decorative elements.

After it cures, I will remove them from the tins and add then to the garden.

Here is the other one. Sadly, as you can see, she did not enjoy it at all and it looks more like scratches.

It was an activity that my son enjoyed but, seems that my little one needs some more years.

Perhaps, I should have put some of the porcelain shards from the dishes my son broke. :) I have been saving it to work a project with them perhaps for a wedding gift in some decades! Lol

Otherwise, I've been leaning to a plaque or tray. Any ideas?

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Mrs. Green said...

I love this. As a child, any time my dad had to lay cement, he would come get me and I would add my hand prints. We even did my dog's paw print once when we laid cement for her kennel! Great project!

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