May 20, 2011

Announcing SweetSassyDiva Design Team!

Welcome to all the new SweetSassyDiva Design Team members! Here are some introductions in their own words.  Be sure to check back as they share their designs with you 7 days a week!  If you are not already a follower, please click on the right hand side the button under "Followers" on the right.  Also, check back daily to see all the exciting new things to come. 

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- SweetSassyDiva


Hi, I'm Angie. I've been married for 19 years, going on eternity ;) and we have 6 beautiful kids. We currently live in Wasilla AK, thanks to the Navy. We are in the process of adjusting to civilian life. I am in the process of building a farm that I have always wanted. As for being crafty I love trying new things. I like recycling stuff and using the last bit of scrap paper or ribbon possible. I'm a scrapbooker at heart, that is where it all started. I fell in love with my cricut...and then my expression...and then my gypsy. Along with that I'm learning to spin wool, crochet and hopefully knit. I like to make jewelry (mainly just stringing beads...moved up from maccaroni ;) ) and then anything else that I can get my hands into. Basically I'm a getting back to my roots that I had left for way to long, and loving every minute of it.


Hi everyone, my name is Rebecca Maddux, but everyone calls me Becka and my blog is: . I am so excited to have been asked to continue on the Sweet Sassy Diva design team. I had so much fun the 1st time around. Here is a little about me. I have two beautiful children Cooper and Kayla and have been with my wonderful husband for 14 years. We live in Reno, NV and love all the mountains surrounding us. I work full time, but try to craft as much as I can in my spare time.

I'm a wife, mom, teacher and crafter who lives in Louisville, Ky.  I love to read, knit and scrapbook whenever I find the time.  My blog:

My name is Dawn Lisinski aka NurseViper on the Cricut MB's and my blog address is

I am a mother to 5 (soon to be 7) and grandma to 13 (soon to be 11--see increase in children LOL). I am also an RN who is currently a SAHM and wife to my wonderful husband of 27 years.

I started out scrapping with a shoe box of stickers and some 8x11 papers but then watched that silly infomercial back in 2007 and DH said I bet you could save on stickers with that LOL little did he know how much it would end up costing.

I mainly scrapbook but also make cards and recently been into altering projects as gifts for others.  I can range from simple to complex projects and I like to make things that can look like they took alot of time and money, but can give the viewers a way to get these done quickly and with very little expense.

I live in Wisconsin with my husband and 3 cats (who rule the house) and I have 3 grown children. I started scrap booking about 5 years ago. A friend started it and was showing me what she had done and that was all it took… I was hooked! My Mom had been a card maker for several years before that and she got me hooked on making cards. Which is really a good thing since she doesn’t make cards anymore, she just calls me and tells me what she needs. She has an embroidery machine (s!) now, but I’m steering clear of that, I’m having too much fun with paper crafting! My blog:


Hello everyone!!! Jen here from . I just want to first say welcome to all our new faces in the SweetSassyDiva Design Team! This will be my 2nd run in this DT and I have to say I love it! I am a domestic goddess in the wonderful state of Alaska. I have been married for 13 years and have 2 amazing kids. Eliasson is 12 and Allison is 10. We spend our days in the summer going to their sports events, hunting, fishing, gold prospecting and riding our 4-wheelers. In the winter we are just as busy ice fishing, riding our snow machines, going to the Iditarod and hanging out with our family and friends. Speaking of friends one of our fellow DT sisters is a great friend of mine that I craft with all the time. That's Angie!! We live about 10 miles apart and find any excuse to craft or just hang out. I am a crafter of all sorts. I love to paper craft and you could almost call me a professional card maker as I sell my cards. I also sew, crochet, wood work, candle make...basically if I see it and like it I will do it :D I also fill my time baking and cooking for my fabulous family. We also have 2 sweet fur babies who are Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Thanks for stopping in today and keep your eye out for some spectacular projects that are bound to blow you away! Have a great day!  

Hi! I am so happy to be apart of the SweetSassyDiva Design Team! I love to create and make fun things for my friends and family! I love to learn new techniques and share them with others. I teach full day Kindergarten for my “day” job and create in my spare time. I am married to my best friend who supports my crafting hobby as well as my teaching needs! We currently have two girl German Shorthairs that are a huge part of our family. My blog address:

I am 30 years old, I have a fabulous husband and three awesome kids. I purchased my first Cricut machine in 2008 and fell right into paper crafting. I bought it to help with party decor as I was an avid event planner. Now, I make cards and gifts. I very rarely make layouts, only when I have the "right" picture. I love to spend crafting time with my kids, help them with school projects, classroom party favors, or just for fun. Papercrafting is a HUGE stress reliever for me, I can use my imagination and there are no limits....only in the pocket :) I have been publised in a number of issues of the Cricut Magazine.  My blog is

I really love making cards and learning new techniques, sometimes my mind freezes and I look forward to being part of the SweetSassyDiva design team. I don't really think I have one type of style, I like to play around with everything. I love to look at others for inspiration, and I hope that I am creating some too!!

I am married and have 3 dirty, stinky boys ages 21, 16 & 5. I run a home daycare and work very part-time at Michaels where I teach scrapbooking and Gypsy/Cricut classes. I have been scrapbooking for 14 years. I find myself doing a lot of baseball, bowling and little boy pages which is not as fun as the flowery, frilly girl pages that I squeeze in when I can. I use my Gypsy for the majority of my projects, but I also have a cuttlebug, an Imagine, a Bind It All, some punches, some stamps and lots and lots of paper!! Did I mention that I have lots of paper?? I mostly scrapbook 2 page layouts, but I also make mini albums, notepads, cards and other fun paper projects.  My blog is


I am a NM Homeschooling mom who LOVES to paper craft. Paper piecing is my very favorite thing to do. I have been scrapbooking and card making for 11 years now. I have had my cricut from the day they came out. I now have several machines as well as a YUDU and a Yourstory that I use all the time. I live in Albuquerque and have 3 kids. My oldest is 11 and loves to read and write. My 7 year old loves playing soccer. My 3 year old is my ballerina. My husband and I have been married almost 8 years and he is amazing. My life is blessed to the max and I am very thankful for that. My favorite colors to work with are browns, greens, and blues but that is subject to change daily LOL. I am 35. I have been blogging for 4 years now. I love my followers so I try to post at least once a week but more if I can at I am originally from texas so I am a truck girl who loves her Ford F150!!!!

 My name is Martha P. Galvez ( Friends know me as Patti), I am a mother of 4 and have been scrapbooking for over 12 years. I am a scrapbook and card making Instructor. I think I have the Best Job Ever! I get to create and teach classes! Life is so sweet! I have a Wonderful Husband of over 17 years. He is very supportive of my crafting. I live in Austin, Texas. I love hot weather and am an avid runner. I also have my own Jewelry Business. I make hand made jewelry. I love creating and sharing my talent with others. I love scrapbooking outside of the box. No Rules is my only rule when creating. I love running early in the mornings and enjoy scary movies. Love just spending the weekend with my family and friends. I love posting new creations or new techniques on my blog at . I love spending my afternoons taking pictures of just about anything. Love taking pictures of unusual signs and just strange objects.

I am always up for a challenge and love working with others that share this same passion. I also, love sharing my creations and my “Know How” of how things are created. I love to teach others how to create and make beautiful paper creations. I strongly believe that what we do here is not just a “pass time” or hobby, but a legacy that we are building and leaving for our future generations. I thank you in advance for this wonderful opportunity.


Hi everyone! My name is Suzanne and I am thrilled to have been selected to be a part of Bobbi Jo’s Sweetsassydiva Design Team. I love using my Cricut products for scrapbooking, card making and other creative projects. I enjoy being a part of the Cricut Messageboard, the Cricut Circle, and the Blogging community where we all share and learn from each other. Many of you know me as cricutcraftingrammy which is also the name of my I am blessed to have two precious granddaughters (soon to be 3). I retired last year after teaching 33 years to spend time with the girls and enjoying my hobbies. I look forward to sharing projects, meeting new people and learning new ideas as a part of the Design Team.

Tina Gale

My name is Tina Gale and I grew up with a very crafty family so I have always kept a memento album and made things in my spare time. It wasn't until after I was married that I found my true love which is decorative painting and then I moved into scrapbooking. It now consumes my life. I'm very fortunate to have married a wonderful man that indulges my every whim and encourages me to create. I'm a homeschool mom to two wonderful children. My oldest is now in college and my youngest is in high school. My family is truly my life's dream and I can't imagine a more wonderful life than I live and the joy of scrapbooking it. My blog:

There are the wonderful ladies that make up the design team!  Be sure to check back daily for new projects that we hope will inspire you and help you to learn how to use your wonderful scrappy supplies.  Also, please check the archives section to the right for other great projects.  If you look under the section to the right labeled "labels", you will be able to search by project. 

Have a great day!



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Congrats to the new DT!

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Awesome! Congratulations to all of you! It's fun to see that I "know" many of you from the Cricut Circle! :)


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Congratulations ladies!!! Happy to be apart of your team.

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The team is amazing! Thank you for sharing, I look forward to seeing your projects and following your blogs! I love that everyone is from such different backgrounds, their bios are just so down to earth and honest. Thank you.

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