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November 26, 2011

The adventures of that burning coupon!

I was out enjoying the Black Friday sales and stopped into another arts and crafts store today. Ok not really needing anything but, that Michael's 50% off coupon was burning a hole in my pocket! Plus, this morning they had an additional 20% off coupon. I must be quite honest now that I really wasn't on search for the additional 20% today. You ask why? I'll tell you because I already used a 30% on Black Thursday at Michaels. So back to today's adventures.

As I was scouring the store trying to find something awesome to buy that I just had to have, I came across the Tim holtz vagabond on clearance!

Sadly, I believe I have seen it for less than the $200 approx price. Unfortunately, I couldn't use my coupon on clearance or it would have been a SCORE!!!

So, I was thinking of Tim Holtz items because let's be honest here... There are so many items that are a NEED and they don't go on sale much.

I thought oh maybe a new ink or refill but, unless I can see a limited edition set or a specific item for a project...I own every stamping up color practically imaginable in dye as well as craft ink. I also was thinking of other items like refill felts or another blending tool but, it just seemed like a waste when there might be something else.

I thought of his tiny attached but, I don't know about stapling and I do have a regular stapler if it's urgent. Although I am thinking that one of these days I might add it but, not today!

I thought of some of his dies that I was looking at a while back but, they didn't have stock of anything so really interesting. I did pick up an embossing folder set but, I kept looking for something that just screamed take me home!!!

Then, I saw in the aisle within the Martha Stewart section something that seemed oddly out of place. I mean I just went to CHA in July so, I'm familiar with a number of items in their line as well as others. It just jumped out at me so, I had to go in for a closer look!

It was what looked like a scoreboard or regular cutting board but, it wasn't!

Here it is:

It's a craft station!

It has a 12x12 light box and is glass so you can freestyle cut. I don't know if you know but, I did graphic design and we used a lighted glass plate for page-makeup. I know my way around an exacto knife and this is better than a self healing mat! They even give you a cutting knife!

It also has a built in cutting blade which you can add an embossing blade.

If that wasn't enough, it has an embossing plate. Dry emboss anyone? Including the embossing tool!

Now, what else can you do with it you ask? They give you 5- tracing and cutting templates!

That will get you started with tracing but, you can use so many other items to trace to your hearts content!

Additionally they have an alignment guide. What is that you want to know?

You can stamp multiple images uniformly!

Oh the possibilities! I grabbed the one and only called it mine! The bonus is it was 50% off with my coupon! It retails for $99.99. If you want to score one too, grab your coupon on Michaels website and run to your local store today!

I need to go now and PLAY!!!!

- sweetsassydiva


DIANA L. said...

The key is not to hold on to them long enough to let them burn a hole in your pocket. Use them quick

Anonymous said...

I saw that at M's too for the first time. Glad you got to get it :-)

Melissa Bell said...

How funny because the same thing happened to me! I was looking for something to use that 50% coupon on and I saw the craft station for the first time and it called to me! I bought it on black friday also hehe.

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