January 24, 2010

Paper Doll Dress Up Trunk

Blackbearblackbear was inspired by the Provo Craft contest and recreated the Paper Doll and Trunk.  Here are her two versions that she made using GBS, EDPD and PDDU: 

I converted the file for her to a gypsy file for our gypsy creators.  If you click on the top where it says files, it will take you to the files that are available for download.  I have the file available for download for the gypsy.  Please check with the cricut messageboard for the cut file for design studio that Blackbearblackbear so graciously provided.  If you have any questions, Blackbearblackbear just made these and posted them on the cricut messageboard here.

If you click here then, click on the file name pdtrunk.txt, then, right click on the file, click save as to save it on your computer (wherever you save your cut files) be sure to change the file extension from .txt to .cut then, click on save.

For a Plantin Schoolbook version that Rebecca converted, click here


nannato6 said...

Thank you for converting these to G files. I have only done a couple and it is very scary to me! LOL

It was very gracious of you to do this for all of us.

SherriC. said...

Hi Bobbi Jo, Thanks fo converting that file, I loaded it to my G and I can open it, but when I try to preview it , this is very strange, it takes me back to the screen with the bug and wrench on it, I was just wondering if this has happened to someone else, or .... I did just update from build 155 to 159,
Thanks again for the File

wandwandco said...

Just Awesome!

SweetSassyDiva said...

I know there were some issues with the G if you go to the gypsy forum in the technical forum they can help you with your question. I have been waiting to update for an up to date version that is fully functional. They do have build 0160 out now. HTH

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