January 20, 2010

CHA... Cat is out of the Bag!

Along with a princess cartridge to be released is the new cricut machine being marketed to cut images for baking.  You can see more about it here.  They had it listed on the Provo Craft website but, they pulled it this morning.  Here are some sneak peeks.....



The above link is what is new for CHA.  They have a machine they are marketing for cutting fondant and other medium using the new cricut for cake decorators.  It looks like the regular cricut but, has an overlay on the keys and display.  It also seems to have a cover to protect the cartridges.  Although with a juke box or a gypsy, your cartridges are protected too.  I don't know how messy you would get if you use it for industrial applications that it would warrant a protection for the cartridge.  The machine is black and red for $400.

This really is not a new concept as many mediums have been cut on the cricut for years. 

I am not sure what enhancements or changes were made to this. I am sure we will hear more about it.

Will you be getting one?

remember to post for the rak under the 1/18/2010 post not this one. Please only one post per person.

Hint: it's not the machine or these cartridges unless Provo Craft decides to give me one for a give away! I don't think that is happening though.  LOL

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McNeill's Dirty Dozen said...

That's kind of a let down after the hype. People have already been using their cricuts to cut fondant, etc. I won't be getting one, but I'm not a big cake maker!

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