January 6, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Well, I'm about 3 days into trying to stop drinking my diet pepsi.  I don't know what they put into it but, the pepsi is calling my name and laughing at me.  It will probably be years down the road but, I would not be surprised if they say that diet colas have something in it besides caffeine that makes us crave it!  Also, it seems to have something in it that makes my ankles into cankles!  i've noticed that already they look so much better.  All that I have avoided was the diet soda.  I would like to say that I went on a diet or cut out sugar but, as of yet.....nope.  I am only missing my diet pepsi.  :sigh: 

I don't know that I can say it's a full blown New Years Resolution.  I mean don't we usually make them only to break them? 

I do want to drink less diet soda, lose some weight (i mean don't most all of us wish for that) and scrap more.  Scrapping more also includes the sub-directories of take more pictures, spend more time with the family and enjoy and appreciate the time we have with them. 

My DS is 6 and enjoys doing arts and crafts so, I think he will have fun doing some things with me.  I ordered all the stickles and I think he will have a ball with them glittering anything and everything he can! 

yea! i have the tracking and the stickles are on the way!!!! yippie!!!

What goals have you made and how are you coming with them?

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