October 24, 2011

All around Fall!

I absolutely love fall colors. I could decorate my entire house in these colors for year round. They are so warm and inviting to me. So I really enjoyed making this wreath for my fall decorations.
All of my paper came from DCWV (mainly the new fall cardstock stack) and some from the neutral stack. I cut the paper into strips that were 4x8 pieces. I pinched the bottom sides together and glued them (could have stapled them but didn't try that one).
After I had them all glued and dried I inked the edges so there were no white ends on the larger end.
Then I glued the ends together to make a circle. This took a while because of letting it dry as I went. (patience was much needed and I lack it greatly)
Once I completed the circle and it was dry, I cut a 6' circle for the center of my wreath. I lined it with leaves cut from doodlecharms at 1' in red, orange and green. I then tied a bow (still a skill in developement) used floral wire to attach it thru the center of the circle and there it is my fall wreath.
dcwv cardstock
cricut cartridges doodlecharms, george and basic shapes
lots of glue
I have a few others that I made in the past week or so, and I thought I would add them as well. If you happened to see my birthday banner you saw all of the fairy princesses and butterflies that I had cut out for my daughter's birthday. I kept some for scrapbooking and still had some left over. I didn't want to just throw them away so I made a "memory wreath" for her. This is a great project for kids (considering the first time I made one I was in elementary school) Christmas is coming so this would be a fun indoor cold yucky day project....
I used a wire hanger, bent into a circle shape, the table cloth that I bought for the birthday party (cheap plastic one) and her decorations with some of the ribbon from the gifts. The good thing is nothing has to be cut straight just into strips. Tie the strips to the hanger, squish them together as tight as you would like until it is completely full and then glue on the rest....and there it is a simple wreath. (I used white trash bags in elementary school with plastic poinsettas)
Last bit and I'm gone....I've been busy ;) This one is the circle of friends that was made for my daughter's birthday party as well. I wanted something for each girl to be able to take with them, so it wasn't a "wreath" so to speak but could easily be made into one with wooden dows, or, styrofoam, anything you want. This is basically a 6' rosette with a fairy in the center (cut from once upon a princess) the banner (cut from blackletter) is upside down and the girls names were glittered in them. The birthday girl takes center stage. I asked for favorite colors before the party, or room colors, so that each one was tailored for each guest. I hope you enjoy.



Suzanne cricutcraftingrammyblogspot.com said...

Great Projects Angie. I love the Fall Wreath. It comes out amazing and so colorful. Love your other projects and the idea of a memory wreath is awesome. Great job on everything!

Mindy said...

What a super fun project and all you need is patience ?? I think I am going to give this one a try !


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