November 24, 2011

Flat Thomas!

Its Thanksgiving week! Time has gone by so fast! Anyone go Black Friday shopping? Whats on your list of must haves? The Imagine at Walmart? A new TV? I usually go every yer but this year we will be down in Valdez spending the holiday with my husband. And to Valdez is a very, very small town so there will be no Black Friday shopping for me because they dont have but a handful of tiny shops to shop at. I am a little nervous for the drive over Thompson Pass. Its one of the worst passes in Alaska. But I am leaving early and vow to take it slow and easy! My snow dance worked! We have alot of snow for this time of year. It has also been unseasonably cold! It has been in the negative temps for almost 2 weeks. We usually see that kind of weather in January. For this weeks project I picked on that my daughter found while browsing around some of my craft blogs. She really liked the idea and said we can fold it up and take it with us to use on the table down in Valdez! Kinda like that Flat Stanley thing but this will be our Flat Thomas. Traveling the roads of Alaska LOL!
He was super easy! I sketcked himout on a file folder. Covered himwith some paper. Cut out to circles on my Cricut using George and Basic Shapes cartridge and then added some ruff and feathers. He is now ready for the 5 hour trip! I wish all you a very and safe Thanksgiving!


crazyaboutcricut said...

This looks so pretty! And great idea for a traveling turkey :) Have a safe trip!

L.B. said...

Very cute. Hope you had a safe trip and a wonderful Thanksgiving

Suzanne said...

What a cute and colorful project.

Mindy said...

Wow,Jen, I love the project and the story behind it.. What a special thing to bring with you and then easy to pack away for next year !

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