November 12, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Winter!

Hello my fellow crafty friends! So have you started? Have you started to think about Christmas? I am! I have my Christmas music playing right now and a few days ago I managed to get my Christmas lights up with the help of my son. Last week we got a nice little covering of snow but then a few days later the winds kicked up and blew it all away! Its been sticking in the low 20's to high teens durring the day. I am doing my snow dance every day lol! I dont know if its more of a dance or something like convulsions HA HAHA AHA! As you may know every year we try and make it up to North Pole to take the kids to see Santa. I try and start my cards early so I can have them done in time to mail out from there so they get the North Pole post mark. One year I was seriously sitting in the truck on the way up try to glue buttons on them. Thats when I said never again, I will get them done BEFORE. So I guess your thinking I am going to show you my Christmas card I made for this year.....and what I have to say to that my friends is THINK AGAIN! Its my little game I like to play called 'keep the card secret'. No one gets to see 'the card' ahead of time. I like to think that people are excited to see what I create every year (and actually some of my friends are!). I even have friends that try and trick me into giving up detals of what it looks like. So for this project I had to pull a card out of my butt or the air whatever...but it is not 'the card' I will be sending out this year he he he! I will post that after I send them out. This card is one that I saw on one of my Facebook pages but was done with fall colors and done a little bit differently. I of course took the idea and made it my own!

Laid it all out on my Gypsy....1 inch circles

Got all my shades of blue paper ready to cut

Got a bunch of blue balls I mean blue circles....

Ran them through my Sizzix Texture Botique

Laid them out on my card and started to glue

Added a 2 layer strip across the top

Cut out the white card you couls see along the bottom and sides

Made my rosette

Finished product!

~*Blue card stock in lots of shades
~*George and Basic Shapes Cricut cartridge for the circles and Accent Essentials for the little snowflake on the rosette
~*Sizzix Texture Botique and embossing folders
~*Button and string


Suzanne said...

Jen your story was too funny! I am so making this for my daughter. She loves blue and this is so perfect for her. Love all the embossing.

Vickie said...

I love it. I will have to scraplift this of course. TFS. Have a great weekend and stay warm.


~*Jen*~ said...

**Update** we have since received over 2 feet of snow with up to 10 inches in the forecast for today...

L.B. said...

Love this idea of all the different color and emboss patterns on the circles..may need to do something with this idea..maybe today.

magicwanda said...

Such a unique card love this idea!

Mindy said...

Love the card and the story! I have been there.... finishing things in the car....Thanks for sharing your story :)

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