November 1, 2011

Monster Beauty Treatment!

Hello. My name is Nadia Herbst-McConnell. Bobbi Jo, the SweetSassyDiva herself, has asked me to share a project with you.

I am a paper crafter whose first love is fabrics! A bookkeeper and business owner by trade, I have an arts degree in fiber. For a time, I created juried art dolls that sold in galleries.

Until recently, my Cricut and work with paper have largely been for package decoration or simple cards. It is only recently that I realized that I could really diverge from the art on the cartridges to get the image I wanted. I do so primarily by manually cutting away or adding to the paper die cut form. Each project that I complete helps me to learn a bit more. By adding detail, even when they are not altered and simply cut as rendered, the scene is so much more interesting to me.

The wonderful thing about crafting with paper and glue (as opposed to fabric and stitches) is the time frame. I can complete a vignette from conception to completion in two to four hours. Compared to working in cloth, this is amazing! Working in paper has also proven to be so much less expensive. I can purchase a $300 Alencon lace to sew, or I can create, photocopy, or stamp a similar image for next to nothing to use for paper crafting.

My primary interest in using my Cricut is to have fun! I get the biggest kick out of creating little vignettes, and have so enjoyed the reaction from other Cricut enthusiasts! The ease and speed of using die cut forms keeps it fun for me!

This vignette features a figure that is created by using the legs on the Rock Princess cartridge and the head and shoulder of the Mrs. Frankenstein on the Happy Haunting cartridge. I cut down the monster’s hairdo and added some little curlers I made from rolling paper.

I just discovered Liquid Appliqué. This creates the bubbly bathwater. Glued-on beads make the floating bubbles in the air.

The window is from the October 31st cart. I cut away the shutters and sill and added a hand-cut window treatment, using brads for sconces. I love putting home decorating miniatures in my scenes. I have made window treatments for so many years that making them in paper, and in a matter of minutes, is just the most fun for me!

The spider webs are also from October 31st. The one coming from the ceiling was cut away to fit. Woodwork and towel rack were hand cut to accommodate the potion bottles (cut from Splish Splash) and towel (from Everyday Paper Dolls).

This finishes 6-3/4” x 8” and has been adhered to a mat.

You are invited to visit to see my other vignettes and projects.

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JenL said...

Nadia, awesome project as usual!! Thanks for all the great tips and tricks. :)

Mindy said...

Oh my goodness... your vignette is just amazing !! Why couldn't I think to use the legs from one cartridge and the head from another to make a new person??? Maybe I will remember this for fuuture use !! Thank you so much for sharing with us !

Suzanne said...

Nadia I love this more every time I see it. So many awesome details. You are such a talented creative artist and I love your work. Thanks for joining us at Sweet Sassy.

Hrvatica said...

As always, your project is amazing!

kellystar said...

I am putting the AWE in AWESOME right now! so cool!

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