April 21, 2011

Hello Thursday?

Well.....I thought that there would be a post with the new cartridges but, seems there is not a Hello Thursday.  Might there be a Hello Friday????  If you are a Cricut Circle member, you do get a preview a few hours before they release it via email and the Hello Thursday Bloggers.  There are a number of really cute cartridges and as soon as they release the information, I will post them here. 

If you notice, they have also been discontinuing a number of older cartridges.  Are there some that are retiring that you are still looking for?  Usually, it is best to get them before too long if it is something that you would like to add. 

What are you doing to pass away the time until they post the new releases?  Or do you not really watch to see if there is something that you would like to add to your crafty projects?

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mom2h said...

I have been waiting anxiously for this BIG release. TAmmy Skinner said 14+cartridges!! Woo hoo!

New to your blog..found it while Googling HELLO THURSDAY!


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