April 7, 2011

Do you Yudo?

It seems that all this week there are daily specials to get some popular items at some great prices.  Earlier this week, it was the Martha Stewart scoreboard for $10 and the Scotch Pink ATG at $20.  Well, it continues today! 

The special is the Yudu!  Well, it is very tempting especially at this price!  I used it at the Cricut Circle meet up in Milwaukee last August.  Below is a short on the party using the Yudu!  Provocraft brought a burned screen with the Cricut Circle logo.  You can view the video here!

We were able to screen print it on a tote that they provided or to bring an item as well.  I did a tote and I also brought a shirt.  Here is the tote:

One thing to remember is to have everything all lined up that you want to screen print.  You do not want it to sit and harden.  Otherwise, you will have to rinse and restart.  I also don't think that you want it to harden completely before rinsing it out. 

After you yudu your project, you can dry the inked image with a hair dryer and most importantly wait until it is completely dry and then, for fabric iron it to heat set the ink.  If you do not heat set it, it will wash out or at least fade quickly when you launder it. 

You can see another project that I did with the Yudu by clicking here! My son absolutely loved how I was able to customize with the yudu.  I did take the plunge for the yudu cardmaker.  It was a very contained mess.

Here is the information from Michael's ad:

I haven't made the plunge yet but, I'm seriously considering stopping by and picking one up.  I passed it up when it was on the cricut rewards for 4000 points.  Unfortunately, they are no longer offered there anymore.  I do hope that they offer more merchandise on rewards because I have points to use.

I guess if I stop buying cartridges, I might find something on there someday! :)

Do you have a yudu?  What have you made? Or if you do not have one what would you make with it?  Are you going to make the plunge at under $100 at Michael's today?  Remember that this sale is ONLY good today! 

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Anonymous said...

I don't have a Yudu, but I think the bag you did was AWESOME! I can not afford another craft nor do I have any room but at the same time, Im like WOW $100... my Mom has one maybe I can ask her to send it to me.. ha ha.. Thanks for sharing the Michaels deal!

Nadia said...

I do have a YUDU. I begged for it for Christmas and got it. (That goes in the category of be careful what you wish for!) I have even opened the box (yay for me?) but have made NOTHING!!!! You need to get one and post lots of projects to motivate me. I am really wanting to learn to use multiple screens but haven't really seen anything great on doing that. I am feeling afraid of the Y!!! :)

Scrapper69 said...

I don't have a yudu and don't think it will be something I want.... Your bag came out great... I do like the idea of creating your own designs for shirts and stuff... but the only way I'll get one is if the rewards program brings them back! LOL I'm with you... there is nothing their I need or don't already have! Would LOVE to see some new stuff! :o)

JenL said...

LOL Wow, we were a noisey bunch!

myapyapooh said...

very cute bag design. The YUDU can be lots of fun to use.

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