April 11, 2011

Florals Embellished Card!

Good Morning!

This is Jen from 3 cats and a bug.
SSD asked her DT to make something with a rosette flower, a tag and the colors green, blue and pink. While I'm not a member of her very talented DT, sometimes I play along.

(Examples are in blue, sorry I didn't take pictures while making the green and white flower! The written dimensions are what I used for the green and white flower.)
I cut a 1 x 12 inch strip of green and white paper and scored every 1/2 inch.

I folded it accordion style.

When I opened it up, I used red tape and put the two ends together. I made sure I had a hill on one side and a valley on the other. That way when I put them together no seam showed.

From this shape you push in the top until it lays flat. (For those who haven't made any of these, you'll understand once you start to do it. I can't explain it very well lol)

Lastly, I hot glued a 1 inch circle to the top and bottom to hold it together.

And the actual flower I made for this card.

I took a pink button and tied on bow of pink twine.

I hot glued that to the top of the flower. I then took some organdy ribbon and created three loops and attached it to the back. (I stapled the loops together since no one will see the backside.) I then took 3 pieces of different colored ribbon, folded them over and attached them to the backside also.

I used the Florals Embellished cartridge (page 58) and cut 4 "leaves" @ 2.25 in blue, 2.0 in pink, 1.75 in green and 1.5 in white. I cut 1 piece of patterned paper 4 x 5.25 and 1 piece of solid blue paper at just under 4.24 x 5.5. I attached it all to A2 size pink card stock.

I'm not sure if I should thank Bobbi Jo for inspiring me to think outside my comfort zone or not. LOL I've made several of these flowers now and my fingers are starting to cramp!!

Honestly, thanks Bobbi Jo, I'm glad you asked me to make these, they've been a lot of fun! I'm certain my Mother in Law is going to love this card!

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