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December 31, 2010

New Years Celebration!

Rather than go out and fight the crowds especially with the fog and the rain that will turn to a sheet of ice after midnight, we decided to spend a nice intimate New Years Celebration at home.  Here are some things that we are enjoying for our New Years Celebration! 

Creme Brulee is an absolute favorite and I had it the first time in Paris on our honeymoon.  I cannot believe that we are going into our 10th year. 

So...I'm tackling some at home for the first time.  Here is a recipe that I found for Creme Brulee on the Food Network.

It sure smells yummy while it's cooking! wow!!

Now, the wait time....chilling..... I love mine cold so, it will be ready later.

So....I was starting to feel nostalgia and thought...Paris....Creme Brule.....ummmm need some escargot!

I have some garlic butter imported from Europe so, I used that but, if you go to Garlicster: Escargots (snails) with garlic butter you can get a recipe for their version of garlic butter.  I couldn't find my escargot coquette and I don't know how many of you have them handy (I sure don't!) so, I used some ramekins. 

I also picked up a loaf of Asagio Garlic crusty bread from the bakery.  I warmed it in the oven and it is ready for the Escargot garlic butter! YUM!!!! Paired with a fine bottle of Merlot that has been waiting for a special occasion.  Well, as we bought a case and have a few bottles left that just must be enjoyed before it turns, we are enjoying that this evening. 

YUM! The warm bread dipped in the garlic butter with the escargot is like no other!

We also took advantage of some sales and picked up some yummy filets. 

Turf n Surf are in order especially as I couldn't resist the lobster tails.  My Father always took care of the lobster but, here it is my task.  In fact, I do not think that my darling husband had lobster until he met me. 

The one year while living in Europe, I ordered lobster tails from a friend of ours that owned a restaurant.  Well...needless to say there was more than I bargained for because he had the tail and all the other parts with it.  On top of it....they were moving! Yes, they were alive! That was something to remember.  I prefer to stick to the tail only. 

Yes, I was unable to put them in the boiling water!  I must admit you can't get any fresher though.

Meanwhile, my husband has learned his way around the grill and the filets are his department.  And you have to have some fresh garlic butter mushrooms and a baked potato with all the toppings. 


We will be enjoying our creme brulee later because there is not any room now.  Never mind that it is better in my opinion chilled. 

Time to enjoy some quiet time and crack open that Moet just before midnight! Oh and then there are those traditions of herring, poppy seed cake and all those other things. 

In Europe, they shoot off fireworks to celebrate the New Year!

This was taken a few years ago by myself in Europe on New Years when we stayed at Rupunzel's castle.  Great memories!

Happy New Year and make it a safe one!  How are you spending your New Year?  Do you have traditions?



AmyJRockstar said...

Wow, I wish I could have been at your house for NYE! What an AMAZING meal and wonderful, beautiful idea. I just love that picture you took at the castle too. Gorgeous! I shall have to live vicariously through you this evening. What a lovely thing to share.
XO ~ Amy Jo
amyjrockstar@gmail dot com

JustYolie said...

Oh that looks soooo delicious! Happy new year!

Beth said...

Food looks so good, and those blue eyes are beautiful!!

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