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December 25, 2010

Santa's Sweet Express!

We enjoyed some family time and decorated a train cake made from a formed cake pan.  It was fun to decorate it with all kinds of sweet edibles!  Plus, any mistakes can be eaten or use the method of eat one place one!

You can see the cute smoke coming out of it.  I guess that means it is bitter cold out!  That yummy smoke coming out of the smoke stack is rock candy.  The wheels are made from lifesavers rolling down a liquorice whip track!  Even some yummy candy rocks line the path that this Express train takes to bring some sweet treats. 

It was a fun project especially to do with young kids OK I admit the adults have fun too.  You could use many varieties of colorful candies to really make it a kids delight.  I used some chocolate jimmies but, it would look cute with some colorful ones too.  What other candies can you spot in the pictures?  I see a bunch of varieties and there are many more that you could pick to decorate it. 

Here is the whole ensemble and I can say it won't last long!  Now, a whole village made from Gingerbread would look perfect for the back drop of this fun train cake. 

We're in the countdown to Christmas and the kids are getting so excited that Santa is coming soon!  I think if he sees this, he might be temped to arrive early to get a piece of cake!

Merry Christmas!


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Libby Beach said...

That is SO cute!! And looks like so much fun to make with kids too! Merry Christmas! :)

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