March 7, 2011

Everything is brighter!

In the Caribbean, they had these cool items that just were so much brighter in the sun. Ok it's hard not to be when the weather is perfect with a slight breeze and sunshine!

These shirts just made us smile in St. Thomas!

Here is the shirt we chose for our darling baby girl!

In the store, it is the outline but, just wait until you see what happens!

Add some sunshine and....

Color your world!

Here is my son's shirt.

He's wearing his today at school.

I have more pictures, highlights and projects to post.

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Libby Beach said...

how neat! :)

Chris Wooten said...

do you use this scrap tote? I have over 80 cricut cartridges and right now they do fit on a book shelf and I have room for maybe 10 or 15. After I would have to start putting one cartridge front of the other....not sure I want to do that because it might be hard to remember what I have.

I guess if I got these totes I could store them on the book shelf and store more...

SweetSassyDiva said...

yes, they are wonderful! you can also put a 12x12 mat, paper and it has a pouch for adhesive etc. You could also double up your solution cartridges.

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