March 17, 2011

New Cricut Cartridge Releases!

Here are the new cricut cartridge releases!  Although you might have seen them on the web floating around over the last week, I thought you would like to see them all in one spot.

The Hello Thursday ladies will be releasing their take on designing with these today.  Which ones do you think are a must have and which ones are a pass?

This is a seasonal:  Graduation!
Seasonal: Luau!

Seasonal: Father's Day!

Now, a drum roll for the full cartridge releases this month.  Damask Decor!

Pop-Up Neighborhood!
4th Quarter Circle Cartridge

Elegant Edges!

Everyday Pop-Up Cards!

Some of these have also been spotted in the retailers as early as last week.  It also seems to be a trend on increasing cricut cartridge prices.  What price will you pay for a cartridge that is a must have?  How much is a price that you just can't pass up on a cart that isn't one that you love?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  What plans do you have today?  It's beautiful and warm out here today so, I think we will be spending some time outside before the temps dip.


Melissa said...

Wow...I think for the first time in a very long time that my money just might be safe! lol Thanks for sharing these!

Missie said...

I am waiting for some sales. I think I got spoiled with all the $10-$15 sale prices. I don't like paying more than $20 for carts now!

Donna and Sara said...

Thanks for posting the new Carts. I have loved visiting and subscribing to your blog. I especially loved all of the cruise posts and pictures!
I am disappointed about price increases for sure, this is such a wonderful hobby and pastime, but can get expensive. I wonder why there is the increase? Production costs? Low sales? Mmmmm?

Libby Beach said...

I guess this is just one of many many price increases we'll be seeing in the next year :(

marcia said...

I really want the Pop-up Cards one but ... not at $54.99. Will definitely keeping an eye out for a sale on that one! I don't like paying more than $25 for a cart; there are too many I don't have so I don't mind buying backlist ones normally. But I really want to update my cards and have been overusing Wild Card. ha!

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