March 27, 2011


Hi! This is Jen from This week Bobbi Jo asked her DT to make easel cards and I wanted to join in on the fun! I like making Easel cards for something different. I start with a 4.25 X 11 inch base. I fold the card in half and crease it, then I take the top half and fold that in half and crease that also.

From there I cut out 2 different color papers. In this case the purple is cut @ 5.5 X 4.25 and 4.25 X 3. I then cut the patterned paper @ 5.25 X 4 and 4 X 2.75.

The largest piece gets glued down to the back side of top folded piece. I know it sounds confusing, but when you get started making one and look at the picture it will make sense. (If not, let me know and I'll try to explain it better!)  Or click here to see a video on the card SweetSassyDiva made!

To decorate the outside of the card, I used Sweethearts and cut the champagne glasses @ 4. I topped off the bow with a purple gem. I cut celebrate out from the elegant cakes cartridge @ 1. On the bottom layer I put a row of purple gems along the top patterned paper to hold the card upright.

To finish off the card, I cut a a piece of banana paper @ 5.25 X 4 and inked the edges so there would be a place to write any sentiment and sign the card.

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