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July 24, 2012

Mini Album!

Hi my crafty friends, Brenda here.  It is Christmas in July at Sweet Sassy Diva. Our theme for this week is Christmas in July.  What a great time to get started on those Christmas projects!!  As hot as it has been we all can use some thoughts of snow and colder temps. lol  Of course come December we will be wishing for the summer sun again.  No please me that's for sure. lol For my project I did something a little different.  I took A2 envies and made a little mini book out of them.  Now this certainly isn't my idea, I'm just not that clever or smart to come up with something like this. lol  You can find a step by step tutorial here.  To start with I took my first envie and tucked the flat inside the envelope.

Now get another envelope and bend the flap towards the front of the envelope, with the front of the envelope facing you tuck the flap into the other envie.  Keep doing this until you have ever how many pages you want your mini to have-not counting the front and last one as you will be coving that one with a chipboard cover.  Clear as mud?

On the "spine" of my envelopes I put score tape about a quarter of an inch in to make allow my "spine" to expand out as I fill my pockets with tags and photos.

Next (I've already done this in my previous pic) cut some chipboard (like cereal boxes) the same size as your envelopes or slightly larger than your envelopes.  I chose slightly larger on three sides as I wanted my "pages" to sit in from my covers.  If you want to have your mini tie closed this is a good time to attach two pieced of ribbon on the front and back envelopes.  I did not do this because I had forgotten. lol  Cover your front and back of each piece of chipboard with paper of your choice.  Then attach to your envelopes.  Ok here is where I messed up, lol, I was so tired that my mind just wasn't thinking and I didn't cover all the way around on my chipboard.  So I lost my little pocket on the inside cover, but have no fear I made up for it and made a pocket once I had my covers attached to my envelopes.  Now you can cover each envie and decorate. You will have a pocket on the left side of each page.  I used Santa's Village Imagine and Elegant Edges.  Here is what mine looks like, I plan on using it to either send to my aunt and uncle with pics of the grandkids and the family.  I also plan on making one for my son who will be deploying in Jan. to Afghan.  I want to put in pics of the family and his children for him.  I thought his wife and the kids could write on the tags as well as me and my husband to give him something to read and know that we are missing him and wishing he was back home.


I tried not to bore you with to many photos so I just showed a few pages.  Seen one and you've seen them all. lol  Please come check out what the Sweet and Sassy design team has in store for you this week.  Come and you just may be inspired a little to make your own Christmas in July project!  Happy craftin ya'll!


kellystar said...

I have not seen this before and I think it is awesome (even if you stole, I mean swiped, I mean "lifted" the idea from someone else). This would be great and easy for kids too! TFS!

glacey said...

Simply brilliant! Thank you

Rosie said...

wow, love that idea!!! might use it this year :)

Unknown said...

Love this mini Brenda!!! I need to try this!

JenL said...

AWESOME project Brenda!! Even if it wasn't your idea, you showed me how to do it, so Thank you! What a great project for our Family Reunion this weekend and all the new Moms. (We have 3 first time Mom's this year and one who will be a first Mom come December.) I can't wait to get started on this. :)

Unknown said...

I like it a lot!!

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