July 1, 2011

Easy as 1-2-3!

Ok ok I know I already had one project this week but I could not keep this simple super easy but oh-so-cute card from you! I saw this on I think a Unity Stamps page a while ago and thought how simple and cute it was! So I just had to make it. I know you all have thoes strange little scraps of paper laying around and this is a PERFECT way to use up some of them! I just took a few of my scrap pieces (5 to be exact, but who is counting...not me...well maybe I am but I'll stop now) and cut them all to about the same size and then glued them onto a basic brown card. I had the chipboard piece laying around so I glued some white to the top and then sanded the edges. I then used one of my favorite tools, brown ink, and inked the edges. For the flower I just free cut the stem and leaves and for the flower petals part ripped circle chapes out of scraps and then layered. Added a button and some ribbon and its one of the cutest cards! And did I mention simple?!?! I used all scrap pieces for it too! ~*Jen*~

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Suzanne said...

Jen your card is so cute and I love that you did that all out of scraps. Love the torn paper flower

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