July 28, 2011

BBQ Memory!

Hello!   It's Liza from Hoo's
   This week on SweetSassyDiva the Design Team split up
into two groups to create projects.  We are working on BBQ themed projects
with the use of bright colors and three or more cartridges.   I
decided to make something very useful for all of our family BBQ's that we

The older kids seem to be out running around having fun, playing on swings and
such while my youngest hangs out with the adults.   She's still a
little too young to go running off, and then with all the adult conversation,
she gets very whiny and bored quick.  So....I have the solution!!


This can keep her busy for hours!

To make this game, I simply cut out rounded squares from George Basic Shapes
{2.25" and 2"} and layered the two squares

Then I searched MyCutSearch.com to find
all picnic and bbq related images from the cartridges I had.

I found an ANT on Nate's ABC's {1.75"}
From Block Party I cut the pie {1.75"}, place setting {1.75"}, hot dog
{1."}, watermelon {1.5"} and the soda {2"}
since some of the cuts were small, I had to draw in some of the
  I also decided to change the soda to lemonade simply by
using yellow rather than brown.

For the fronts of each card, I used "BBQ" from Block Party. I was unsure
how big I was going to make it.   By using my FIT TO LENGTH button I
can figure out what size will fit best.  Remember the Cricut measures
height, not length.  It's very simple to do:

-- select the image you would like to cut
--press the FIT TO LENGTH button
--  select the size that would like it to calculate
{how long do you want it to be or not
-- press OK under the LCD screen
The machine will take just a second to calculate this for you.   Using
the BBQ cut, I told the machine I wanted the length to be 1.75" and it
calculated that it would cut at 1" in

At this point, I usually press the button again to "undo" the function and
change my dial to the calculated size, in this case 1".   This way if
I do have other layers to cut, and I forgot to write it down, I won't screw
up.   I was very happy that the size was a perfect fit!

I added some faux stitching in black around the white and a few accent dots on
the letters.

I can toss these into a snack size ziplock bag and keep them in my car for the
next family BBQ!

Thanks for stopping by SweetSassyDiva today, I hope you are enjoying all the DT


Suzanne cricutcraftingrammyblogspot.com said...

What a great idea Liza. I used to love making games for my first grade class with the Cricut. This is so cute and fun for your daughter.

kricketts said...

This is absolutely adorable! I love this so much! Thank you so much for sharing!


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