February 18, 2011

Coming & Going!

Well, there are two new Cricut Imagine releases.

Heirloom Papers
Vintage Papers

While I do like a few from the later, I think that I will add the Heirloom papers to my list.  There are more on there that I like plus, they go better with the French Manor cartridge.

It will be nice when the new cricut craftroom software goes live to really get a look at how these look in the other 'original' cartridges.  Unfortunately, the beta does not have them to really get a look at them.  I have been enjoying playing with the beta though.

It is good that Provocraft didn't release a lot of sneak peeks this week.  They had a bunch from the last announcement.  I guess this gives us some time to save up for the ones already released.

They also are retiring some of the 'original' cartridges.  Added to the retired list are Animal Kingdom, Camp out, Home Accents, Home Decor and Wedding.

Speaking of Coming and Going, I have a week until I go on the Cricut Cruise.  I will be enjoying the Caribbean with my darling husband and celebrating 10 amazing years with him!  I may even get him to craft with me!  I think I might have to do a video! :)  Mr. SweetSassyDiva scrapping!!! 

Can you believe that 10 years ago we were enjoying a wonderful honeymoon in Paris!  It was wonderful to see the Venus although my darling husband says that I am his Venus!  He enjoyed seeing us side by side! lol  Oh and we cannot forget the Mona Lisa!  That was like a Paparazzi show in of itself! 

We climbed to the top of Arc de Triomph and that was a lot of stairs!  Oh and seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time flickering with all those amazing lights! WOW!  The sight of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower was amazing esp. with my sweetheart by my side!  We also took the trolly up to Basilique du Sacré-Coeur and Paris just sparkled with lights and such a breathtaking view.  It will be wonderful to share more memories with him.  I'm sure that we will have to do some shopping too!  I hear that I just have to buy some jewelry in the Caribbean! :)  

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Summer said...

Lots of good news! Congrats on both your trips! I too am looking forward to the new patteren carts, With all my issues will my Imagine PC is going to send me those 2 carts. Yea!

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