February 26, 2011

On the way?

Well, we left home at 1:50 pm Friday heading to the airport for our 4 pm flight.

Here is the view from home... Snow! It is in the 80's in Ft. Lauderdale.

So our driver arrives to take us to the airport and hopefully we have everything. Either way no time for any last minute items.

We arrive in time at the airport and we pre-checked our bag and all was go online or was it?

Sadly, we find out at 2:30 pm at the checkin that the flight to Cleveland, oh was cancelled. Wth?! Seems due to another winter storm in ohio that they cancelled flights. Now, the fun begins!

We are told all sorts of things and it looks like the cruise will not happen for us.

Finally, the checkin gets assistance and we are told we can drive 2.5 hours to Chicago to fly out Saturday morning. The glitch is that it would not arrive in time for the cruise.

So after much assistance they switch us from continental to delta. They find a 6:43 pm flight to Atlanta, ga but, the kicker is it has a connection 9.5 hours later. Cropping in the Atlanta airport I guess!

We decided to get a late lunch as we had plenty of time to burn. Here is my healthy Caesar salad.

So, we were supposed to leave at 4 pm but, delayed now on another airline and flight departing at 6:43 pm or will it?

Nope! Here is the line up at the gate to reschedule connecting flights. There is my darling husband waiting to check our fate. After a number of delays, it appears that it will be departing for Atlanta at 7:40 pm. I sure hope so!

I'm starting to feel like Jen's flights from Alaska! The plane is on it's way in and I notice our seats aren't even by each other! :shakes head: it's starting to feel like a bad sitcom episode!

Thankfully, my darling husband was able to fix it. My hero!

Yea! The plane is finally here and the passengers are getting ready to hop off. They announce that we should hurry and stow our bags and perhaps those fortunate enough with connections might make them. Although that doesn't apply to us.

Haha false alarm! After the passengers are all off the plane, they announce that there is a maintenance issue with a blue light. So, further delay while the maintenance crew is called in. Any ideas how long of a delay for this one?

Thankfully it was not long at all.

Yea! Our plane is off now for Atlanta! I haven't been there yet although the plan was Cleveland. I just hope we make Ft. Lauderdale in time to board the hotel shuttle for the cruise.

We enjoyed some peanuts and a drink on the plane. It has wifi but, seems like the airport it has a monthly subscription fee. I guess Jen lucked out with free wifi on her flight but, I am not feeling so lucky today.

On board we hear there was a connecting flight so I don't know why we had to have an overnight layover. Ah what fun!

Yea! We arrive in Atlanta!

Here we wait for the hotel shuttle.

Seems dinner only consisted of the bag of peanuts. We tried the snack machine at the hotel but, the only one to eat was the machine. I hope it enjoyed my money.

So we finally found our hotel at about midnight catching about four hours of sleep. My darling caught much less. Seems he was stressed hoping that we make the flight. At least he was able to shave and shower. No breakfast and we were on our way to the airport at 5:30 am.

We checked in curbside to avoid the stress and mess of trying to check in. Unfortunately, he was unable to print our boarding pass. He assisted us inside to complete our check in. Apparently, as our tickets came with our first and middle names smooshed together without spaces, he couldn't check us in. I would have thought the agent would know that as it's their profession but, luckily they found someone to correct it.

Now this airport reminded me of Frankfurt. Ok perhaps it is also how Chicago would be now as well. I have not flown out of there for a while. Although the train reminded me of Chicago.

Here is my darling on the train at the Atlanta airport last night. You can see how tired he is but, still smiling at me.

Now for some fun! We head to security! We made the mistake of listening to the lady directing the line and rather than going right she directed the lot of us to the left. Now for some fun! Be sure to check the Internet porn sites for our TSA body scans! Yep! I guess they should have offered up a honeymoon portrait package special to put in my mini album of my travels. There was no choice in it! I still had to have a pat down on top of it. How truly special I feel! Now I can check off a frisk and TSA scan off my bucket list.

We headed to our gate and funny is the gate numbering made us think that we would have a close gate. Nope it was reverse numbering and gate 2 was way down.

On the way, there are interesting machines. Here is one for best buy with all sorts of electronics.

Luickily, the flight left at time and was full! They had a bunch of stand by passengers. I think all were able to board. It sure had all the overhead bins full. So packed with our jackets we are on our way to Ft. Lauderdale.

The flight gave us our breakfast consisting of a sugar biscuit. Happily the flight attendant found me some peanuts. I think I must be on the flight diet which consists of water or beverage and peanuts! I wonder if my body is going into starvation mode or if I lost a few pounds! Lol. Hopefully we get a nice lunch. The important thing is we are on our way! :)

They had cute little monitors in the seat backs.

Just like the wifi, it seems it costs to view anything.

They did have an old episode of glee! Unfortunately, it seems you need headphones. I'm not sure of conventional headphones work.

It looks like we will make our cruise!

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