February 5, 2011

Movie Challenge..Valentine's Day!

Hi everyone,
This week for Sweet Sassy Diva's DT challenge we were to watch a movie and make a project about the movie. Well I haven't been renting any movies lately but I watched Valentine's Day on HBO this weekend. This is really a cute movie. It follows different people and their love stories. Really cute.
So for my project I decided to make an altered compisite notebook. This is a pocket size notebook and would fit perfectly in your purse.
So the first thing I did was took the pink patterned paper and traced it around the notebook and cut it out.
Then I glued it on the top of the notebook. I then sanded the edges. Repeat same process for the back side of the notebook. Then I added the chocolate with poka dots paper and sanded the edges.
Next, I used Gypsy font to cut out love at 1.20" and glued onto the front, and added the sticker.

Compisite notebook
CM paper from Love paper kit

Pink Cardstock
CM stickers
Gyspy Font

Thanks Rebecca


Yuveria said...

the NB is really nice

Libby Beach said...

Great job Rebecca!! :) It turned out super super cute :)

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