November 27, 2010

Advent Calendar!

I folded the boxes out of patterned cardstock by getting the idea from this link. I played around with different sizes and mostly eye-balled it.

I used the Cricut cartridge Designers Calendar to cut out the numbers with the Post-It self adhesive paper. I used doubled stick tape to attach the boxes together. I also used the Post-It paper to wrap all around the box to hold all of the boxes securely. Then as a finishing touch I wrapped it in ribbon and topped it with a handmade bow.

I was thinking of putting little pieces of candy in each box and then a big piece for box #25.



Anonymous said...

Very pretty advent calendar... I love it.

Nana Donna said...

That is really neat but looks like a lot of work. I would have to put candy in each one and then eat it everyday

Summer said...

amazing! This looks so cool!

Ashleigh said...

very cute! I made a calendar but I struggled with the design I really like this and may have to try it!

cdm317 said...

I love this Advent Calendar! Your projects are super inspiring!

Scrappy Jackie said...

Very fun project! I love all of the different papers! THank you for sharing your Advent Calendar! Yes 25 should be extra big! pjritsema at gmail dot com

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