November 27, 2010

Black Friday and Cyber Sales!

Check it out!!! I called it for months.....I figured the Gypsy would go to $99.99 for Black Friday and low and behold what did I find....... as I posted in a prior post....

Seems Michael's had it for under $100! So...if you have been comtemplating buying one......seems it is a great price!!!

OR.... today online I see that Die Cut central has them for $89.99!  And some carts for great prices like $17.99 and new ones for $23.99 even a licensed cart for $23.99!!! wow!!!

Did you pick up the Expression bundle at Walmart?  What color did you get?  Or from Menards?

Here is the Menard's Expression and look....Cricut Cartridges for $19.99. 

and new cricut lite cartridges at Walmart!  I hear that the Jolly Holidays is hot!!!! Some are sold out! I know you could order the machine and carts online but, I believe the carts went up to $25.00 and the Expression $225 online. 

There is also a 10% discount code to use on your order of a Scrap'n Tote and discount packages!  You can click on the picture of the Scrap'n Tote below to check out the deals.  I absolutely love the pink one!  These have been really hot so, be sure to order now.  They make a great Christmas present or....any day present! :)

what is the best prices that you have found lately for the new cricut imagine mats? i see 9.74 at joann any lower?

what about imagine cutable vinyl? what is your door buster pricing and where?

what is a door buster lowest price on the cricut companions? has anyone seen lower than $14.99?

and vinyl transfer tape 10.19? ooh and cricut cake blades of $10.00 for two?

i'm just upset that i bought at Joanns and then found some lower elsewhere and online Joann's said that i have to return online and that you can't at the store.  ooh and duh forgot to price match at Michael's with the Joann's ad.  I guess that is part of the hunt.  lol 

Anyone see any other rock bottom deals?

Be sure to check back tomorrow for some more projects.  Myself and the SweetSassyDiva Designers create new projects daily.  Be sure to check out the archives.   Why not use talents and craft your presents this year! 

I think there are going to be a lot of wonderful gifts coming!!!! woo hooo!!! I'm so excited!!! What are you hoping will be in your gift box?

Also, you can still get the Imagine ink deal by clicking here for more details!  It looks like it can only be from the retailers listed on the new form whereas the other rebate was more open.

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