November 28, 2010

Sweet Little Friend!


This album was so much fun. I got the inspiration for it from spending the day with my friend Lucy at our "Once A Month" day where we get together at each others house and have so much fun crafting while our hubbies watch movies.

It didn't cost me any "new" money. I used the Post-It Paper that was provided the Design Team to try out as a sponsor for SweetSassyDiva. I then went to every drawer and cubbyhole that I have and dug up stuff to use on it. I made up my mind when I started that I wasn't going to stress if the colors did not match exactly. My goal was to try out the Post-It Paper (Love It!) and to use all those embellishments that had been begging me to use them.

The front side has all little goodies that say friend, friendship, or memories. The back side has pockets that have sayings about friends and friendships.

I challenge you to make one using all your left over "stuff." You will feel good about it when your done.


Lime and Lipstick Post-It Craft Paper Full Adhesive Papers

Thin Cardboard from the back of a Paper Pack

Left over Patterned Pink and Lime Papers from my Scrap Stock

Craft Lace

Two Different Size Flower Punches

Pink Button Brad

Thin Pink Polk-A-Dot Ribbon and 3/8" Pink Ribbon

Vellum Friend Quotes from Creative Memories

Various Leftover Embellishments with Friend or Friendship Related

Pink and Green Leftover Tags and Button

Scallop Punches

Pink Marker


Cut the cardboard into (5) 3 1/4"X 5" squares. (I did 5 because that is what I could fit onto the paper for the next step) You can do as many as you want.

Ink around border of each card board piece with the color of ink you are using for your project. (Since I used Lime and Pink, I choose to use Pink.)

Cut the Lime and Lipstick Post-It Paper the same size.

For the best fit of Post-It Paper over Card Board, use your Cricut to cut if you have one.

Lay the card boards down on your mat that has ruler markings if you have one. Lay them straight across and leave 1/4" between each one.

Adhere a piece of the large pink ribbon (I used 30") across the middle of all the cardboard's so that they will be attached together in a row. Then do the same thing 3/4" down from the top and 3/4" up from the bottom. This will allow it to stand up and hold together. If you want to save ribbon you can just put two inch strips to hold each one together at the top and at the bottom, but use the longer piece in the middle.

Peel the backing off the Lime and Lipstick pieces you cut from the Post-It Paper and adhere them one by one to the card board pieces (both front and back). I choose to alternate colors for contrast. They are easy to remove if you don't get them on straight the first time.

It is actually easier to do the back of the project for the next step because it will lay flatter when you go to embellish the front.

Make (5) 3 1/4"X 3 1/4" squares out of coordinating patterned paper to make the pockets.

Tear each square back to front at an angle. Make sure you have your pattern in the right direction before tearing so you won't tear it along the side instead of the top.

Adhere each pocket with the glue pen. Make sure you leave enough room for your sayings.

Find something fun or make sayings up on the computer to put in the pockets. I even thought of pictures of my friends, but I didn't have them handy. I used CM Friend & Family Quotes.

Punch holes in every other saying and tie the little ribbon in them. You can put ribbons in all of them if you want. Some of my sayings fit sideways, so I couldn't.

Turn the album over and embellish the front side.

Attach the lace to the tops of each piece. Cut your lace a little larger than each card board covered piece as the lace shrinks up a little when you glue pen it on.

Embellish away! Go through your stash and use all that stuff up that has been laying around.

The Album folds up like an accordion if you want to put it in the mail.

It will tie in accordion style a whole lot easier with an even number of panels. I only had enough Post-It Paper to make 5.

I hope you have fun making one tailored just for you.

Be sure and try out the Post-It Paper. It is easy to work with and rework if you need to.


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This is very beautiful! You did a great job!

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