November 15, 2010

Black Friday Deals coming.....

Check it out!!! I called it for months.....I figured the Gypsy would go to $99.99 for Black Friday and low and behold what did I find.......

Seems Michael's will be having it for under $100! So...if you have been comtemplating buying one......seems it is coming for a great price!!! Save up now ladies!!!

And an Expression bundle will be at Walmart again but, also a different bundle and price of $148 at Menards.

Here is the Menard's Expression and look....Cricut Cartridges for $19.99. 

and new cricut lite cartridges at Walmart!

There is also a 10% discount code to use on your order of a Scrap'n Tote and discount packages!  You can click on the picture of the Scrap'n Tote below to check out the deals.  I absolutely love the pink one!  These have been really hot so, be sure to order now.  They make a great Christmas present or....any day present! :)

You can also enter there for a chance to win a Cricut Imagine!!! Hurry, though because I think the entries have to be in today or very soon!  I would love to see a SweetSassyDiva follower win!!! woo hooo!!!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for some more projects.  Myself and the SweetSassyDiva Designers create new projects daily.  Last week, we have been working on the Smiley Card cartridge that is loaded on the Gypsy.  In fact, it is not only limited to cards there have been other projects including a scrapbook page.  Be sure to check out the archives.   This week we are concentrating on Home Decor!  I bet some great ideas for gifts can be found this week!  Why not use talents and craft your presents this year! 

I think there are going to be a lot of wonderful gifts coming!!!! woo hooo!!! I'm so excited!!! What are you hoping will be in your gift box?


Robin Marshall Clark said...

I am stoked about the Cricut Lite carts going for $20.00 each! That's where I will be!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this info!

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